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2020 December Working From Home Promotion

Please allow a few working days for our staff to process your application. We are receiving a high number of applications since we relaunched this offer. Thank you for your patience, and if you have questions, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions list below in the first instance.

Thank you for your interest in our Staff Payroll Deduction Working from Home bundles. As many staff move to flexible working arrangements, these bundles have been extremely popular, so we're happy to be offering the promotion again!

Once you are familiar with the promotion details, use one of our Application Forms below to order.

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Details about the options we are offering
Application Form for Single and Dual Bundle Payroll Deduction
Application Form for Optional Extras+SA+WA Payroll Deduction

Frequently Asked Questions!

As long as the items are in stock, they usually are delivered within the week.

The package comes with all of the cables you require to set up your work station at home. If you want to connect your home router (internet) directly to your laptop or PC, then we also have an option 5m CAT6 ethernet cable that we can add to your bundle. See the Promotion Details above.

Yes! The Bundle is compatible with Macbook Pro.

We can source the displays in silver but there is an additional cost for them.

See the Promotion Details link above, but the individual models for the equipment as recommended by the Digital Services Directorate to support your CQUniversity equipment are:

  1. 23" IPS monitor - Dell P2319HE
  2. Keyboard and Mouse - Microsoft Desktop 2000
  3. Docking Station - Dell D6000

Yes! We have sourced equipment (see "What's included" above) recommended by the Digital Services Directorate to ensure they can support you with your CQUniversity computer. Just TASAC your request and you'll get assistance.

Yes, you will need a Bookshop Staff Account for this promotion - if you don't have one, feel free to send both the account application and bundle application to the email address on the bundle application form and we'll work out the rest. You can get an account application here.

Yes you can, simply enter the amount you wish to pay per fortnight. The amount on the form is the minimum amount required to cover the 12 month agreement.

Yes, you can purchase the items outright, however we require payment up front. Complete the Application Form and note that you would like to pay up front and we will organise an invoice for you to be paid before we process the order.

When everyone is working from home, and nobody is left on campus. Seriously though, if you are reading this - we can still help, so do an application or drop us a line (see "I've still got questions" below...)

We feel really bad about that. We know what it's like when people mention chocolate when you have none. For instance, as I'm typing this I just finished a really lovely Bounty Bar and what was the Question?

That's fine! Just select Payroll Deduction Enquiry from our Online Enquiry Form and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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