Our University Services

Custom Merchandise

Let us help you make your special event spectacular with CQUni Custom Merchandise. We can provide a wide range of merchandise and apparel from Lanyards to Banners and Marquees.

Student Credit

We can quickly and securely provide online account credit to students to efficiently enable them to purchase their textbooks and study materials anywhere in Australia or overseas. We also stock all you need for video-conferencing, telephony and general technology.

Departmental Accounts

When ordering for your School or Department make sure you have and are using your Departmental Account.

Gift Vouchers

Presenting a prize? We are happy to provide in-store Gift Vouchers, whether they are for Gifts or Student Scholarships we will be happy to discuss how we can best assist.

Technology for Students

We can expertly handle sourcing and distributing computers and accessories to students, whether for technology bursaries or other programs.