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Basic Building and Construction Skills
Basic Building and Construction Skills + Advanced Building &Joinery Skills + Site Establishment, Formwork and Framing
Contract Administration for Construction Professionals
Engineering Drawing Handbook  ( HB7-1993 )
Engineering Mechanics : STATICS , SI Units ( Book Only )
Engineering Surveying : Theory And Examination Problems For Students
Engineering Your Future : An Australasian Guide ( includes  eBook code )
Fundamentals of Building Contract Management
Introductory Thermodynamics and Fluids Mechanics
Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D: Autodesk Official Press: 2016
Materials for Architects and Builders
Mitchells Structure And Fabric Part 2
Principles of Geotechnical Engineering , SI Edition
Reinforced Concrete Basics : Analysis and Design of         Reinforced Concrete Structures
Site Establishment , Formwork and Framing
Steel Designers Handbook
Structural Analysis in SI Units
The Little Pearson Handbook : Australasian Edition
Traffic and Highway Engineering , Enhanced SI Edition
Understanding Structures : Analysis , Materials , Design
Urban Design Thinking : A Conceptual Toolkit
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