Departmental Merchandise 

Corporate branded merchandise available on-demand. Complete your order with location and Cost Code for easy dispatch nationwide.
Want Custom Merch or Clothing? CQUniversity Official Merchandise
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CQUni Trestle Tablecloth
CQUni Heraldic Crest Flag ( 1830x915mm Woven Polyester )
CQUniversity Australia Flag ( 1830x915mm Woven Polyester )
CQUni Welcome Mat ( Indoor Heavy Traffic )
CQUni Welcome Mat ( Outdoor Heavy Traffic )
CQUni Executive Jug & Tumblers [ 6 Glass Set ]
CQUni Executive Tumblers [ 6 Glass Set ]
CQUni Marquee ( 3x3 Steel Frame )
CQUni Marquee ( 3x6 Aluminium Frame )
CQUni Marquee Side Wall ( 3x3 Printed )
CQUni Marquee Side Wall ( 3x6 Printed )
Campus Life Tablecloth
Campus Life Tablecloth | CQUni Bookshop
Price to be advised
CQUni Gift Ribbon ( 100m Roll )
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