Too Tired to Cook : The Shift Workers Guide to Working
( AndSurviving ) in a 24/7 World

Starkey , Audra

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Imagine a world where hospitals closed at 5 p.m., where trains and buses stopped at the end of the day, and where emergency service calls were directed to voicemail with the setting of the sun. Despite our reliance on these services, there is very little help and support available to those who deliver them-until now. In this compelling book, Audra Starkey educates her readers on how to mitigate some of the adverse health eff ects of being awake when everyone else is winding down their day or sleeping. Learn how to: - implement relaxation techniques at the end of a shift instead of relying on medications to fall asleep; - lose weight and minimise weight fluctuations by focusing not only on what to eat, but also when; - reduce some of the debilitating effects of stress, anxiety and depression which can lead to burnout; and - navigate disruptions to your personal and social life. The fact is the world needs people to work 24/7, but if you're one of them-you need to stay healthy too. Arm yourself with valuable information to nurture your mind, body, and spirit with the lessons and strategies in Too Tired to Cook.

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